SOGR Capital Project Analyzer

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Your agency can define a Policy that indicates the service life and replacement standards to be used for each asset type. Once the Policy is applied to your inventory, the State of Good Repair (SOGR) Capital Project Analyzer evaluates your organization's asset information to generate a set of replacement capital projects. This analyzer uses your current Policy to determine when assets will be replaced. To run the SOGR Capital Project Analyzer:

1. From the Main Menu, choose Policies -> SOGR Capital Project Analyzer to navigate to the project builder.

2. Use the checkboxes to select the asset type(s) for which you want to build projects.

3. Choose the Starting Fiscal Year for which you want the analyzer to begin building projects. Note: Running the SOGR analyzer may remove existing SOGR projects on or after the starting fiscal year.

4. Click the Run analyzer… button.

The SOGR Analyzer will inform you it is running as a background job and the system will begin to generate projects as needed. Once the background job is complete, the notifications menu indicates that the analyzer is complete and capital projects have been added to your organization. Clicking on the notifications link will direct you to a table showing all your capital projects (Capital Needs List).

Once the builder has completed, you will need to review each capital project and update:

NOTE: If you have changed your agency policy regarding estimated service life or replacement cost, be sure to use the Policy Runner before generating SOGR projects.