New Capital Project

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You can create projects manually to either provide new or expanded services, or to accomplish new business functions.

To add a new project:

1. From the Policies menu, choose Capital Projects.

2. Select the New Capital Project button located above the table on the left.

3. Fill in the information about the project.

4. Save the new project by clicking the Create Capital Project button. TransAM saves the project and displays the project Detail page.

The table below describes the required fields for the new project form:


If you have access to multiple organizations, select the Organization for which the project applies.


A custom title entered for the project.

Project Locations

A list of project locations available based on the selected organization. These locations might relate to a County, UZA, Senate, Federal, or House.

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the project. For multi-year projects, the starting fiscal year of the project is used.


The first three digits of the ALI code.

Project Type

For manually created projects you can select from Replacement, Expansion, and Improvement.

Emergency Project

Flags the project as extremely urgent.

Multi Year Project

Indicates that the organization will complete this project over a span of multiple fiscal years.


A detailed description of the capital project.


A detailed justification of the capital project.

At this point, the project is empty - there are no activity line items, therefore, no work is scheduled for the project. To add a new ALI:

1. From the Capital Project detail page, choose the Activity Line Items tab.

2. Click the Add Line Item button to enter the ALI information.

3. Fill in the information about the new ALI.

4. Click the Create Activity Line Item button to save the ALI.

The table below describes the required fields for the new ALI form:


A descriptive name of the ALI.

Cost Estimate

A best estimate of the cost of the ALI.

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year that the ALI will be completed.


The fourth digit of the ALI code.


The full ALI code. Specifically, you are selecting the final fifth and sixth digits from this field. This list will be specific to the Category you selected.