Replacement Status

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There are some assets that should not be considered when generating SOGR projects:

If either scenario applies to an asset, you can use the replacement status asset event mark the asset as either "Replacement: Underway" or "Replacement: None." The event will update all capital planning interfaces to reflect the proper replacement. There are three types of replacement status:

  1. By Policy: TransAM should schedule the asset for replacement according to the policy for that asset subtype. This is the default replacement status and is equivalent to setting the Scheduled Year equal to the Policy Year and assigning the asset to capital project/ALI based on the policy.
  2. Underway: An initial replacement is underway, and expected to arrive in the current fiscal year. No replacement asset should be scheduled, but all shadow projects should are still scheduled with the anticipation that the asset will arrive during the current fiscal year. This status is equivalent to setting the Scheduled Year equal to the Current Year, which removes the asset from its previously assigned capital project/ALI. e.g. If the asset was previously in a FY 17-18 ALI, it will be removed from that SOGR ALI. Shadow projects will be created as if the asset arrived in FY 16-17.
  3. None: The agency will at some point retire the asset and no replacement is expected. Therefore, no Scheduled Year is set, which removes the asset from all capital projects/ALIs.