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Groups are collections of assets that you create on the fly, or that TransAM creates on your behalf. You can create groups manually, or perform a search or query and then create a group from the assets you've found. You can create any number of groups, and name them any way you like. A few things to note:

To create a group:

  1. Choose Inventory->Groups->Manage Groups to see the Groups page.
  2. Click Create New Group to see the New Group page.
  3. Give the group a name, a code that is up to eight characters long, and a description. This code will appear as a "tag" alongside every asset that belongs to the group.
  4. Click the Create Asset Group button. The group is created and you are taken to the Group Detail Page.
  5. From the Group Detail Page, use the tabs to see the assets in the group and a summary of asset subtypes. The Actions Menu lets you update or remove the group. When you remove a group, the group tag will disappear from every asset that was previously included in the group.

To add or remove a single asset from a group:

  1. Navigate to an asset detail from your inventory.
  2. Click on the Action Menu, hover over 'Add to group' and select the group that you would like to assign the asset to.
  3. The complementary group tag will appear on the asset summary.
  4. To remove an asset from a group, locate the group tag on the asset summary, and click the "x".  The tag will disappear indicating that this asset is no longer part of that group.

To see the assets in a Group, along with a summary by asset type, choose the group you want from the Inventory->Groups menu. You can also choose Inventory->Groups to see a list of all groups.

To create a group based on a search or query, see Search/Query.