Project Planning Overview

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To navigate to the Project Planner, choose Policies -> Project Planner from the Main Menu.

The TransAM Project Planner is a single interface to perform all your project planning needs. You can see all your projects and ALIs in one view and reallocate costs and ALIs as needed.

You can filter the list using a combination of the organization and ALI filters in the main menu to help you focus on what is relevant. The Actions menu allows you to Add a New Project.

The Project Planner centers on an interactive data table with one row per project and one planning year per column. Individual table cells list the ALIs in each project. For a project in a given year a cell might have no scheduled ALIs, or alternatively, a cell might have multiple ALIs depending on how many components make up the project. Each column header shows the total expected cost for its respective planning year, while row headers display project information and controls for Editing projects. For manually created projects, you also have the option to Remove projects and Add ALIs from the row header.

TransAM assigns colors to ALIs based on the properties of the project. The colors are assigned as follows


ALIs based on your current inventory created by the SOGR Project Analyzer.


ALIs part of a future predicted SOGR project created by the SOGR Project Analyzer (shadow projects).


ALIs part of a New Project (replacement, expansion, improvement, or demonstration projects).