Move Assets

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An organization can spread costs among the planning years by dragging and dropping ALIs. However, there are instances where the organization might want to spread costs on an asset by asset basis. To accomplish this, TransAM lets you move one or more assets in an ALI from one fiscal year to another.

To move a subset of assets in an ALI to a different planning year:

  1. From the project planner interface, identify the ALI from which you would like to move assets.
  2. On the selected ALI, click the green button to see a table of the ALI's assets.
  3. Select assets using the checkboxes at the leftmost column of the table.
  4. Click the dropdown arrow in the blue "Move selected to fiscal year" button. You will see a list of the planning fiscal years.
  5. Select the planning year to which you want to move the subset of assets.
  6. TransAM will notify you it is working to update capital projects and ALIs.
  7. If a project and ALI exists with matching properties (Scope, Type, SOGR, Shadow, Emergency, Single Year) the TransAM will move the selected assets to the comparable project and ALI. If no matching project and/or ALI exists, TransAM will create a new project and/or ALI that has equivalent properties to the 'parent' project (only differs by its fiscal year).

Note: When you move a subset of assets in an ALI from one fiscal year to another, TransAM will create corresponding shadow projects and/or ALIs to reflect the changes in those assets.  

When an ALI is moved, a number of calculations take place so that updated asset and project costs are reflected across the project planner and unconstrained capital project list. When the number of moved assets is large (greater than 25 assets) this process might take a minute or two. Therefore, if more than 25 assets are moved, this process takes place as a background job. The project planner is locked from additional changes until the updates are complete in order to prevent conflicting updates. The Notifications Menu indicates when the job is complete, and you are directed to refresh the page to display updated data.