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Users in a parent or consolidated organization can view and report on the assets of all the organizations for which they have responsibility. Therefore, it is useful for applicable users to set-up filters of the system where they can view and navigate TransAM as a single agency, all accessible agencies, or a sub-selection of agencies. These different views are defined and managed from the Organization Filter drop-down found in the Main Menu Banner.

The Organizations Filter menu displays the user's selected filters and allows them to create, manage, and select new filters based on their accessible organizations. The menu can be broken down between the available filters on the left and the selected filter on the right:

When you select a filter, you are navigating the system with visibility of only the selected filter organizations. Changing filters or sub-selections of agencies allows you to work with the view that is most helpful for a given task. Some pages in TransAM should not be viewed with a filter because the data does not make sense in the context of an organization hierarchy. Based on the page you navigate to or the action you select, the system will either notify you that the system is resetting your filter to perform the action, or indicate that the action you selected is outside your filter and request that you edit the filter as needed.