Tasks and Assignments

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Tasks are exactly what you would expect: bits of work that need to be completed. Tasks apply to (and are visible to) all users within an organization or agency, and can (but do not need to be) assigned to any user who represents that agency.

You can see tasks on the Dashboard, or use the User Menu, in the Banner, to get to the Tasks page. From there, you can see a list of all the Tasks that are assigned to you. Click on a Task Name to drill down to more detail. By navigating the tabs, you can also see Tasks that are assigned to others in your organization and Tasks that are currently unassigned. You can mark tasks as Started, Halted, or Complete to indicate their status. A Task can be Deleted only by the user who created it. Deleted tasks are removed from the system as though they never existed.  Canceling a task indicates that the task is no longer required. Finally, you can assign a Task to any user in your organization.

To create a new Task, click the New Task button, enter a Task Name and Description, Due Date, Priority, and optionally, a person to which the task is assigned. You can also indicate whether you want that individual to receive periodic reminders to complete the task.