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Depending on your user role and privileges, TransAM lets you perform Actions from the policy detail page. The actions are summarized as follows:

Asset Rule


Export Rules to Excel

This action exports the selected policy to an .xlsx file.

Modify this Policy

This action brings up the edit form for the agency level policy parameters (Description, Condition Threshold, Depreciation Calculator, and Depreciation Interval).

Apply this Policy

This action applies the current policy to the asset inventory, comparing asset information with the policy criteria, and recalculating scheduled costs and replacement dates.

Make a Copy

This action lets you create a new policy by copying one of your existing policies.

Set as Current

If you have multiple policies, this action lets you set an inactive policy as current. You will still need to apply the active policy if you want your inventory to reflect its parameters.

Remove this Policy

If you have multiple policies, this action will allow you to delete the selected policy.

Add an Asset Type Rule

Allows the State to add additional Asset Type rules to the master policy.

Additional descriptions of policy actions include: