Parent and Child Assets

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TransAM supports Parent and Child assets, which allows you to link assets together. Here are some examples:

Typically, you should designate something as a child asset only when the item in question is a capital asset in and of itself, which can be purchased separately, moved or relocated, or separated from the Parent and sold. An engine, for example, should not normally be treated as the child of a Bus, because it is an integral part of the asset. An HVAC compressor, however, might be treated as a child asset. An asset's parent is often referred to as its Location, because it defines where the asset can be found. Note that the location or parent asset can change from time to time if the asset is moved.

To assign an asset to a Location or Parent asset:

  1. From the asset detail, choose Actions->Update->Location. TransAM displays the Update the Location page.
  2. Find the parent asset by entering part of its name, Asset Tag, or description. Choose the asset you want from the type-ahead list.
  3. Complete the rest of the form and click "Update the storage location" to assign the asset to a new parent asset location.

To view the location/parent of an asset:

To find all an asset's children, or all the assets that are housed at a facility: