Audit Management

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The State can perform audits within TransAM to assist agencies in regularly performing essential updates to their inventories. For example, all assets need to have Service Status, Condition, and Mileage (where appropriate) updated every year, so TransAM will annually set up an audit known as the Annual Inventory Update. When TransAM runs the audit, it checks that each asset has had its Service Status, Condition, and Mileage (where appropriate) updated within a given date range.

If you are an administrator, from the Main Menu click on the Settings Icon and select Audits from the subsequent dropdown. You will be directed to a page summarizing all available Audits (currently you will only see the Annual Inventory Update). Clicking on the audit from the table will bring you to the detail page of that audit. The audit consists of the following editable fields:





Annual Inventory Update

The name assigned to the audit.


Checks to see that each asset has had the Service Status, Condition, and Mileage (where appropriate) updated each quarter.

A description of the configured audit.


Update the Service Status, Condition, and Mileage (where appropriate) values for each of the operational assets in your inventory each quarter.

Instructions for how the users should comply with the audit.

Data Update Start Date,

Data Update End Date

Data Update Start Date: 01/01/2017

Data Update End Date: 02/17/2017

Each asset is assigned an audit pass or fail status based on whether the asset satisfies the following two conditions:

  • If the date the user performs the update is within the Audit Activity Start and Audit Activity End dates.
  • If the date of report on the update form is within the Update Start and Update End date range.


Yes or No

An indicator if the audit is turned on or off.

Audit Activity

Audit Activity Start Date: 01/01/2016

Audit Activity End Date: 07/31/2016

Frequency Type: Week

Show in Dashboard: Yes

Active: Yes

The Audit Activity sets the regular interval that the audit is performed. The purpose of the audit activity is to pick up changes in the asset inventory (e.g. new assets) or changes in the audit. This activity is automatically performed if the Data Update Start/End Dates are changed.