Copying an Asset

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TransAM lets you create a new asset by copying an existing asset in your inventory.

  1. Navigate to an asset detail page. You can get there by clicking on the Inventory menu item and selecting an asset type to view and then selecting an asset from the list of assets displayed.
  2. Click Actions and choose Make a copy from the list of available options. The system will create a copy of the asset and put the asset in edit mode. The copy will have asset specific fields blanked out such as VIN, asset tag, etc.
  3. Fill in the remaining blank specific fields (e.g. the Asset Tag, VIN, License Plate, Title Number, etc.).
  4. Save the new asset. You will be taken to the detail page of the created asset.

If there were any input errors or required data that were missing, TransAM will display an error message identifying the problem.